Best wireless gaming mouse 2020

Gallery: Best laptop under $500/£500: Amazing budget and mid-range notebooks for 2020 (Pocket-lint) If you’d rather not be tethered by cables or your desk is already a spaghetti junction of criss-crossing wires, the best wireless gaming mouse is a no-brainer. These technological marvels free you from the shackles of tangled […]

Gallery: Best laptop under $500/£500: Amazing budget and mid-range notebooks for 2020 (Pocket-lint)

If you’d rather not be tethered by cables or your desk is already a spaghetti junction of criss-crossing wires, the best wireless gaming mouse is a no-brainer. These technological marvels free you from the shackles of tangled cabling, and they’re definitely worth considering if you prefer a minimalist approach.

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Best wireless gaming mouse

Although the best gaming mouse is arguably wired – it’s a fraction faster due to that hard connection – the best wireless gaming mouse is still a huge step up over standard pointers. A high DPI score (or ‘dots per inch’) means your pointer will zip around the screen with the smallest of movements, and that responsiveness can really give you an edge in combat. What’s more, the addition of programmable buttons means every command you need is right at your fingertips, all without having to reach over to the best gaming keyboard.

Want to know where you should start? No problem, we’ve got a few recommendations right here. To give you the best value for your money, we’ve also thrown in some deals, discounts and offers on the best wireless gaming mice. These are updated on a regular basis, so be sure to drop in every now and then to grab the latest bargains.

Best wireless gaming mouse

For those who play a lot of different genres, compromising is all-too familiar – you normally have to choose between an overabundance of buttons or too few. Not so with the Razer Naga Pro. It features three detachable panels specifically designed for everything from first-person shooters to MMOs, and they’re easy to swap out on a whim.

When you throw Razer’s HyperSpeed technology into the mix, you’re looking at a winner. There’s no latency that we can see, and it’s more than capable of keeping up with the wired competition as a result (plus, you can always fall back on the Speedflex USB cable if you prefer). Particularly because it also offers twitch responsiveness via a 20,000 DPI sensor.

The real star would have to be the 12-button add-on, though. It makes life much, much easier in MMOs that have a wealth of attacks or moves to choose from, and this one puts them within easy reach beneath your thumb. You’ll never have to fumble for the right key in a game like Guild Wars 2 again.

There are times when cheap and cheerful will do, and that’s OK – especially considering how expensive many gaming mice can be these days. Enter the G305, Logitech’s affordable but still-excellent budget option. It’s a solid pick for anyone looking to find the best wireless gaming mouse without breaking the bank.

Although the G305 has a lower 12,000 DPI sensor, that’s still more than enough to give you an edge in whatever game you’re playing. Plus, its elegant design lets you play for hours in comfort.

Sure, it’s not made from the same premium materials as the G502 you can see below. However, it’s a third of the price and is still a whole lot better than your bog-standard office mouse. With over 200 hours of charge on one AA battery, it’s also not going to flake out on you at the most inopportune time. 

Razer is synonymous with great gaming peripherals, and the Razer Mamba is the perfect example of why. To begin with, its Adaptive Frequency Technology means there’s virtually no lag or latency to speak of. That allows it to be as accurate as a wired mouse, which is no mean feat. Secondly, a 5G 16,000 DPI sensor with a “resolution accuracy of 99.4%” provides whip-crack speed to give you an edge in twitch games like shooters. 

A 50-hour battery life add to the Mamba’s overall appeal, while seven programmable buttons help make its case as well. However, its ergonomics impressed me the most. It’s an incredibly comfortable mouse to use for gaming, and it’s got one of the best scroll wheels we’ve ever used in our search for the best wireless gaming mouse.

Although you’d expect all that to give the Mamba some heft, it’s surprisingly light at just 3.4oz (96g). A must-have if you want to complete your Razer setup.

Superb performance, comfort, and an excellent battery life combine for what is easily one of the best wireless gaming mice on the market right now. The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless improves upon older models with a powerful 16,000 DPI HERO sensor, and in use it feels every bit as responsive as a wired alternative. In addition, it boasts 40+ hours of play on a full charge.

And that’s just the start of it. The G502’s grippy rubber sides make it easy to handle even during tense showdowns, and it also hosts 11 buttons (including a ‘sniper’ button on the side) with metal-spring tensioning for satisfying clicks. Tunable weights that allow you to customise your experience also considerably increase its value. 

This mouse is well worth the high asking-price as a result, especially because it’s compatible with the Logitech PowerPlay charging mat to keep it topped up even when the mouse is in use. 

If you’re an esports player or a fan of shooters, the Razer Viper Ultimate (a wireless version of the original Razer Viper) will be the greatest tool in your arsenal. Built with the help of professional gamers and providing a ludicrous 20,000 DPI sensor, it’s a lightning-quick pointer that’ll give you an edge where it counts.

We’re not exaggerating – that sort of speed makes a big difference to response times, particularly in a high-stakes battle royale game like Call of Duty: Warzone. The smooth tracking and low latency are equally astonishing.

It also features brand-new Optical Switches, and these are a big deal. They offer a near-instantaneous reaction upon clicking thanks to an infrared light beam that shoots an electrical signal straight to your PC. This allows you to respond so much faster than normal. An essential purchase.

If I had to limit this entry to one word, it’d be ‘impressive’. The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro revises an older model with clever upgrades and style to spare, not to mention a mesmerizing RGB light-show down the side of its shell. Excellent Slipstream wireless connectivity doesn’t hurt, either. It’s exceptionally responsive.

Yes, the Dark Core RGB Pro is a little pricier than other entries on this list. But it’s also more comfortable. I wasn’t sold at first on the bumpy, seemingly worn-down rubber at the rear of the mouse and on its scrollwheel, but I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn of opinion after using it for a few dozen hours. It’s both grippy and cosy for long gaming sessions, while the 18,000 DPI sensor and 2,000Hz polling rate ensures a speedy response when you need it.

Speaking of DPI, that’s where the RGB Pro shines. Above the two standard side-buttons, it has a couple more that increase or decrease DPI sensitivity on certain profiles. This is perfect for quickly swapping between weapons in shooters. It’s easy to switch to something less responsive when hip-firing with an SMG and then pivot instantly to a faster mode for sniping via your rifle, for example. Frankly, it’s the best wireless gaming mouse we’ve tried recently.

Most of the best wireless gaming mice these days offer lightning-fast DPI speeds, but the Basilisk Ultimate goes one better – it has a mighty 20,000 DPI sensor for you. That allows for absurdly fast responses, and its HyperSpeed wireless tech lets you “switch seamlessly between frequencies to maintain peak stability”. Throw in a nifty charging dock and 100 hours of battery life for a very tempting prospect indeed.

Much like the Alienware 610M, the Basilisk Ultimate also offers the chance to customise your scrollwheel resistance. Combine that with 11 programmable buttons – including a multi-function paddle – for enviable functionality. 

Which is just as well; those features help justify a wince-inducing price. But we have to admit, if speed is your thing, this is the best wireless gaming mouse for you.

If comfort is just as important to you as performance, the Roccat 200 Aimo is the mouse to beat. As a wireless version of the already-excellent Roccat Kain 120 Aimo, this cable-free alternative has all the same perks with 100% less tangles. That means it’s offering a precise 16,000 DPI sensor, Titan Click technology which can register button-presses “up to 16ms faster”, a breezy 100g weight, and a luxurious rubber finish with anti-wear, dirt-resistant coating. Seriously, it feels gorgeous to use.

What’s more, the 200 Aimo promises up to 50 hours of use on a full charge. That’s not bad going for a device costing just shy of $100 / £90. Throw in a sophisticated design with touches like brushed aluminum and you’re onto a real winner with the best wireless gaming mouse for comfort.

Ambidextrous gaming mice have a tricky juggling act to pull off; they’ve got to please both left and right-handed users. Most of the time, that results in compromises. The ROG Pugio II is different.

A well-considered device that puts comfort ahead of anything else, it’s every bit as nice to use if you’re left-handed. All the lefties out there will appreciate that this is a big deal – they’re usually left out in the cold when it comes to gaming mice, at least metaphorically speaking. As such, the Pugio II being such an accomplished device and great to use for left or right-handed gamers is a big achievement. So if you need a left-handed addition to your arsenal, this is the best wireless gaming mouse on the market.

The Pugio II has another claim to the accessibility crown, too; it can be used via 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or USB wire. It’s flexible, and that’s no bad thing.

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When shopping around for the best wireless gaming mouse, one of the key selling points to look out for would have to be good battery life. Most offer 40+ hours of use, but Alienware’s 610M pips them all to the post – according to the company, it provides a stellar 350 hours on a full charge of the lithium-ion battery. Alright, so you’ll only get that under certain conditions (like turning off the RGB lighting, for instance), but still. That’s weeks of gaming right there.

The 610M impresses in other areas, too. To begin with, it has a 1000hz polling rate in both wired and wireless mode for maximum performance. It’s comfortable to use as well, even if it does look like a Ghost tank from Halo. In addition, you can choose between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution and enjoy “pre-loaded tension on the main clicker mechanism for a controlled, crisp, tactile click feel”.

Not bad, right? It’s a worthy companion for its stablemates, the Alienware 510K keyboard and the Alienware Aurora R9 PC.

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