Cyber-Flashing To Become A Sex Crime

Is the law finally catching up with smartphone perverts? getty Back in February, the world was a very different place to where we find ourselves now, with the impacts of pandemic reality still playing out. One thing, sadly, hasn’t changed: the sexual abuse of mostly women by mostly male smartphone […]

This powerful 16GB smartphone is on sale for just $79

by: Nick L The latest and greatest iPhones are undeniably awesome gadgets. The only problem is that they’re also undeniably overpriced, and you actually don’t need to spend that much money in order to land a smartphone that’s incredibly powerful, stylish, and fast. Meet the brand new CellAllure® Fashion C Smartphone, which […]

ExtoWallet’s biometric card with FPC sensor and smartphone face recognition secures crypto assets

A new cryptocurrency wallet secured with a biometric smart card, smartphone-based face recognition and distributed ledger technology, the ExtoWallet, is planning a crowdfunding campaign to launch an Android version. ExtoLabs is a spinoff from Ethernom, which produces fingerprint-enabled biometric smart cards. The idea is to provide the highest possible level […]