Brazil Says Privatizations Will Help Save the Environment

(Bloomberg) — Brazil is framing its slow-moving privatization program as a way to protect forests and rivers following international investors’ mounting criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policies. Martha Seillier, special secretary of the Investments Partnerships Program, said infrastructure building via concessions and privatizations not only represents good business opportunities […]

16 Amazing Winners, In Photos

Great crested sunrise, Winner 2020, Behaviour Birds, West of Spain. An intimate moment of a great … [+] crested grebe family. This particular morning, the parent on breakfast duty emerges with a tasty meal, just as not a breath of wind ripples the water and the stripy-headed chick stretches out […]

What Is Causing The Longevity Inequality?

It will take hard work to help all Americans make healthy choices enabling them to live longer. getty You’ve heard about wealth and income inequalities in the U.S. Now add to that the “longevity inequality.” In recent years, a substantial body of evidence has emerged, showing there’s a growing inequality […]