eSalon Celebrates A Decade Of Delivering The First And Only Truly Custom Home Hair Color

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A decade ago, five friends started a mission to expand the limited options of women’s hair color. Enter eSalon: the first custom hair color service empowering women to achieve salon-quality hair happiness at home. Today, the company continues to be the only […]

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A decade ago, five friends started a mission to expand the limited options of women’s hair color. Enter eSalon: the first custom hair color service empowering women to achieve salon-quality hair happiness at home. Today, the company continues to be the only to offer clients truly customized, professional-grade (and affordable!) hair color shipped directly to their home with everything needed to color their hair, including personalized instructions and access to licensed colorists. Since its launch 10 years ago, eSalon has dispensed over 235K unique color combinations and has shipped over 9M orders throughout North America and Europe.

“The combination of eSalon’s best-in-class technology, paired with some of the brightest minds in beauty, science, and marketing, create the magic that eSalon has been delivering for a decade,” said Graham Jones, CEO of eSalon. “From R&D, marketing, customer service, color dispensing, shipping and everything in between, our team of experts control every step of the experience, ensuring that every order is processed and handled with precision, personalization and care.”

To celebrate this milestone, eSalon has launched a new loyalty program in the U.S., which will reward clients with one free Color Set after every 10 color orders, plus special discounts, offers and early access to new product launches. eSalon has also debuted its new “Made Just For You” branding which highlights the core of eSalon’s business: customization. Finally, eSalon’s celebratory Spotify playlist eSalon’s 10th Birthday Beats was curated to inspire hair color happiness while coloring.

For 10 Years, eSalon Has Been the Color Companion, Helping Clients on Their Hair Color Journey
Part tech, part science, and part art, this award-winning company has continued to reinvent the way women color, treat and style their hair, to make seamless and customized beauty accessible for all. But what makes eSalon standout is its brand positioning as your color companion. “We understand that finding the right color can be complicated – we are by your side every step along the way. Science has shown us that feeling good about our hair can give us a psychological boost to take on the day’s challenges with confidence,” said Vera Koch, VP Global Marketing for eSalon. “eSalon celebrates beauty in all its forms. Just like hair color, beauty comes in many hues, which is why we tailor our products to make each individual feel special and truly one-of-a-kind.”

eSalon’s Evolution, From DTC Start-Up to Beauty Industry Leader
Year one proved that eSalon’s one-of-a-kind offering was in demand, but in order to mass-make custom color, eSalon had to make a custom technology. In 2012, the engineering and coding team prototyped and ultimately built the company’s “secret sauce” — high-precision and patented color mixing technology that individually fills each bottle with exact drops of pigments swiftly and seamlessly. This breakthrough took eSalon from lab-scale machinery to mass custom production levels that dispense a unique hair color combination in just eight seconds.

In 2012, eSalon launched its premium hair care line which today includes 22 color-safe products. In 2016, eSalon was the first company to offer clients custom balayage highlights at-home with its Light Set, a consistent best-seller. In 2019 eSalon opened its Europe HQ and also entered into a joint venture with Henkel, further strengthening its unique product offering. Noticing a major gap in the grooming industry, the company introduced Colorsmith in June 2020, which delivers made-to-order, natural-looking, at-home hair color for men, complete with a first-of-its-kind Gray Reduction Program.

eSalon’s Winning Business Model is Strengthened by Women in Leadership
eSalon has enlisted powerhouse women to help strengthen the company’s competitive edge. From the cosmetic chemist who formulates premium new products to the director of operations who ensures seamless production of each and every order and a VP of global marketing who builds consumer confidence through creative strategy — many of eSalon’s critical departments are led by women.

eSalon Fosters a Collaborative Culture, Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Every Individual & Creating Room for Growth
eSalon is intentional about inspiring a culture where creativity can thrive, and because of its DTC business model, it’s able to constantly evolve at a lightning-fast pace. With over 200 team members, eSalon’s philosophy leans on playing to each other’s strengths and giving everyone the space to grow and be seen. “Our culture encourages our team members to serve as change agents for the company, where they can test new ideas and inspire evolution at eSalon,” said Jones. This equal-opportunity employer also offers enviable workplace perks, from quarterly team-building activities to book and film clubs, volunteer opportunities and more. This year, in partnership with, eSalon is encouraging employees to participate in the presidential election with voter-friendly programs and paid time off to research and vote.

Tech-Meets-Beauty Company Champions a Pay-it-Forward Mentality Since Day One
From its eighth consecutive year supporting Breast Cancer survivors with CancerCare to employee donation-matching to Black Lives Matter and donations to Direct Relief to help communities affected by recent natural disasters, eSalon has made philanthropy a priority since its launch. When the pandemic hit, the company donated 100,000 medical gloves to the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System and CareMore to help meet the growing demand for supplies. eSalon launched its Color Muse Pro program to financially support out-of-work licensed colorists and also gifted healthcare workers with complimentary hair color for one year. This fall, eSalon is partnering with Gals Starting Over in the U.S. and Force Femmes in France to help empower women as they restart their careers.

eSalon Poised for a Colorful Future
As a company rooted in entrepreneurship, eSalon never stops innovating. “We go out of our way to listen to our clients and gather findings so that we can optimize their experience, improve our current suite of products, and launch new innovations,” said Vera Koch, VP of Global Marketing. Clients can expect more inventive products and services on the horizon as the company plans to continue to shape the future of the beauty industry.

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About eSalon
eSalon is reinventing the way women color their hair by creating a fully customized professional-grade home hair color that’s made-to-order and shipped directly to their doors. Launched in 2010, and a five-time winner of Allure Magazine’s “Best Home Hair Color,” eSalon delivers a personalized experience through a unique combination of human expertise and state-of-the-art, dual patented technology. Every order is formulated and dispensed on-demand in its headquarters in Los Angeles and UK production facility with over 9 million orders shipped and over 235,000 unique color combinations created. eSalon’s innovation continued with the June 2020 launch of Colorsmith, the first and only custom hair color for men. Colorsmith features the first of its kind Gray Reduction Program, developed to help clients gradually blend their grays over 2 to 3 applications.

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