The PlayStation 5 is a little over a month from its release, and though it’s extremely unclear as to whether or not the supply will be able to meet the overwhelming demand, many fans continue to eagerly await the new generation’s kick-off. And while Sony has yet to showcase one of the more anticipated PS5 features — the UI — a new video shared by PlayStation’s YouTube page features a surgical teardown of the upcoming console, one that shines a light on all the bells and whistles found within.

Though not everybody will find themselves riveted by a hardware breakdown, the video does provide the most thorough examination of the PS5 so far. Viewers will come to learn that both sides of the console can be removed, which provides easy access to the cooling fan. Open at both sides, the fan allows for increased airflow; there are also two dust catchers that can be vacuumed when a little bit of cleaning is in order. Upon beginning the teardown, it becomes evident that Sony has designed their console with user-friendly maintenance in mind. There’s plenty to unpack, so consider watching the seven-minute video above should you be interested.

In addition to uploading the PS5 teardown video, Sony has also revealed a few updates to the trophy system, which will take place ahead of the PS5 release. In an upcoming update detailed on the official PlayStation blog, trophy levels will change from “1-100” to “1-999,” with the example provided featuring a level 12 updating to somewhere in the low 200s. They’ve also updated the ways trophies will progress moving forward, with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum each having their own sets of tiers. Look for this trophy update to hit North America tonight — though it’s as of yet unclear as to whether they will improve the sorting options. 

Are you excited for the PS5? Or has the pre-order process and potential for market scarcity hampered your excitement?