Reopening Your Office? 5 Above-And-Beyond Covid-19 Precautions

All of us have a role to play in preventing the spread of Covid-19. But what if wearing a mask or staying six feet apart from each other isn’t enough to put team members’ minds at ease? Look around online, and you’ll see all sorts of other gadgets that offer […]

All of us have a role to play in preventing the spread of Covid-19. But what if wearing a mask or staying six feet apart from each other isn’t enough to put team members’ minds at ease?

Look around online, and you’ll see all sorts of other gadgets that offer protection against transmissible disease. While some of them are more appropriate for office settings than others, all make it that much more difficult for the virus to spread.

When it comes to reducing Covid-19’s spread, every little bit helps. If you have a little extra money to spend, these five unique approaches can reduce your team’s risk:

1. Treat the air with UV light.

Although practically everyone is wearing a face mask these days, they aren’t breathing fresh, sanitary air. That’s where uvSABA comes into play. 

uvSABA’s team of inventors and advisors includes Ph.D. scientists, electrical engineers and physicians. Worn over the nose and mouth, its safe-air breathing apparatus (SABA) actually cleans the air you breathe.

How does it work? The SABA draws in air from the base of the unit, which is immediately exposed to ultraviolet light. UVC light has been proven to kill bacteria and genetically scramble viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19). The sterilized air then travels through a tube to a comfortable face adapter, and a surplus of treated air forms an invisible shield.

2. Disinfect whole rooms from above.

UV light has other in-office sanitization applications as well. Puro, for instance, now sells mountable UV light fixtures to organizations seeking one-touch disinfection of large spaces. After installing Puro’s Helo fixtures in a room, users can schedule complete UV-based disinfection of all exposed surfaces when no one is around.  

Puro is not the only company using UV light to sanitize high-traffic areas. Dallas startup PureBeam offers in-depth workspace UV disinfection as a service. Unlike other companies offering commercial disinfection, PureBeam can sanitize spaces without the mess or residue left by aerosol cleaners.

3. Screen groups using thermal imaging.

One way to combat the spread of Covid-19 is to identify and quarantine those presenting with fevers. The trouble is that businesses may not be able to effectively screen every person who comes through their doors. 

Scylla thinks it has the answer: thermal screening powered by AI. Scylla’s system can work with any thermal camera to pick individuals out of a crowd who may have elevated body temperatures. The system sends out automated alerts, enabling early detection of individuals who may be ill.

Though the system isn’t foolproof, it can be used as a first line of defense against the spread of Covid-19. Scylla’s thermal-screening technology is ideal for airports, hospitals, schools and other high-traffic public places.

4. Provide personal bubbles.

For some people, wearing even an N95 face mask feels like too little protection. These individuals will be happy to learn that they can now get 360-degree protection from the chest up by wearing a personal air-purifying shield from VYZR Technologies. 

Admittedly, VYZR’s invention looks like something out of a science-fiction film. Nevertheless, the shield promises to not only provide a better barrier than masks, but also to deliver a continuous supply of filtered air. 

The BioVYZR is actually a powered air-purifying respirator worn on a fitted Neoprene vest. Incoming air is pumped by a battery-powered unit before the air enters the tightly sealed BioVYZR. When a user exhales, the air is naturally forced out through vents on the sides. 

The BioVYZR is one-size-fits-all for adults and also comes in a kids’ size. As the company notes, the shield has the added benefit of removing the temptation for face-touching.

5. Give out antimicrobial gloves.

Although the BioVYZR looks like something from the future, not all pandemic inventions are quite so high-tech. Take the Ghluv, for instance. The product looks more like an 1980s-inspired tennis wristband than a way to outsmart germs, but the principle behind the Ghluv makes sense for those who want to limit contact with frequently touched surfaces.

All Ghluvs are constructed from fabric that has been given an antibacterial and antiviral textile treatment. To wear a Ghluv, simply keep the fabric pushed up around your wrist; pull the fabric down when you want to open a door or wrap your hand around a shopping cart. Though they’re not necessarily on-trend from a fashion standpoint, wearing a Ghluv could mean the difference between getting sick and staying well. 

While the pandemic has changed office life, it’s also provided a unique opportunity for innovators to dream up new solutions. Until everyone can be vaccinated, your mother’s favorite maxim applies: better safe than sorry.

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