Samsung Galaxy M51: Best In Class Smartphone With Industry-First Features

        Features oi-Vishal Kawadkar | Updated: Friday, September 18, 2020, 22:59 [IST] Samsung has always delivered the best value for money products to its consumers. The Galaxy series of smartphones, across the price ranges, are known for their unparalleled performance and features that cannot be matched by […]


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Samsung has always delivered the best value for money products to its consumers. The Galaxy series of smartphones, across the price ranges, are known for their unparalleled performance and features that cannot be matched by their contemporaries. For instance, the Galaxy M smartphones are bang for your buck products in their respective price segment and even give some flagship devices a run for their money.

Samsung Galaxy M51: Best In Class Phone With Industry-First Features

Continuing the tradition, Samsung has now introduced the most versatile and feature-packed smartphone in the Galaxy M-series that truly redefines mobile computing in its price segment. Starting at just Rs. 24,999, the Galaxy M51 is the ‘Meanest Monster’ and a true workhorse by all means. In addition to the best-in-class performance, the latest M-series smartphone also introduces a series of segment-first features that are set to revolutionize the mobile user-experience forever.

Let’s dive in to understand how Samsung has changed the game with the Galaxy M51 and how it tops the list of ‘Best Smartphones’ in its respective price range.

Samsung Galaxy M51: Best In Class Phone With Industry-First Features

True Craftsmanship-Modern Yet Covers All Basics

The Galaxy M51 sets an example in the mobile manufacturing process. Despite fitting in the biggest battery cell on a mainstream smartphone and a giant 6.7-inch screen, Samsung has retained the sleekness and ergonomics of a compact handset that fits in the palm comfortably. You won’t even realize that the handset houses a humongous 7,000mAh battery cell as the weight distribution defies physics. The result is nothing short of a miracle and is something only a brand like Samsung can pull off, thanks to decades of experience in mobile manufacturing.

The Galaxy M51’s design also addresses all your basic requirements from a mobile device. And in the days when most of the brands have ditched the audio jack, the Galaxy M51 still offers a 3.5mm jack to let you use your good old and reliable headphones for a loss-less listening experience. For instance, the OnePlus Nord comes sans a microSD card, let alone a dedicated one, and the 3.5mm audio jack. You pay more but get far less in terms of basic design functionality.

Samsung Galaxy M51: Best In Class Phone With Industry-First Features

Battery That Puts Power Banks To Rest

The Galaxy M51 is designed to solve your battery woes. It ends your dependability on power banks which are cumbersome to carry and take too long to charge. With a gigantic 7,000mAh battery cell, you can simply forget about carrying extra baggage in your bag packs and fully rely on your Galaxy M51 to last more than two days on one full charge. The high-capacity battery cell can handle heavy day-to-day use without breaking a sweat and can even recharge other smart devices such as wearables, headphones, and even your secondary smartphone. Isn’t that amazing!

If you take a look at the competition, those smartphones are still hovering in the 4,000 to 5,000mAh range which means they cannot meet your daily requirements. The segment-first 7,000mAh battery cell on the Galaxy M51 can easily deliver up to 150 hours of music playtime and up to 32 hours of video playback time on one full charge cycle. With the Galaxy M51, you can watch movies, read books, browse web pages, and stream music all day long without worrying about a dying battery.

And even if you somehow manage to drain the battery, the 25W super fast-charger in the box is always there to quickly refuel it in no time. Overall, the Galaxy M51 is a phone and a power bank that perfectly fits into your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy M51: Best In Class Phone With Industry-First Features

Galaxy M51 Is A True Multimedia Monster

A poor quality display directly affects the overall user-experience on a smartphone. For instance, a smaller and lower-resolution panel makes it difficult to consume multimedia content, hampers the reading experience, and even spoils the camera experience because we mostly check photos on our smartphone and rarely see them on laptops or other big-screens. That said, the Galaxy M51 with its massive 6.7-inch (16.95 cm) Full HD+ Super AMOLED+ Infinity-O display brings an immersive viewing experience that no other smartphone can match at the respective price-segment.

The bezel-less Super AMOLED screen with full HD+ resolution is a visual treat for eyes. It produces vibrant colors, unprecedented black levels, and adequate brightness for the most surreal visual response on a smartphone. If you love watching movies, reading books, and playing games, there’s no better phone out there at this price point.

Most Versatile Quad-Lens Camera Setup

Having tested several smartphones in this segment in the last one year, we can confidently say that none match the versatility of the 64MP Intelli-Cam quad-camera setup of the Galaxy M51.

Samsung has offered the latest hardware and has fueled it with the most intelligent camera software to address all your photography requirements. The 64MP quad-camera brings first-of-its-kind features like Single Take and My Filters. The Single Take mode applies machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) to capture up to 10 discrete photos and videos in just one take. You press the shutter once and all lenses work simultaneously to deliver crisp shots and videos including 7 static high-resolution images, Best Moments, Smart Crop pictures, Hyperlapase, Boomerang, and high-resolution video. The images and videos are clubbed under a single shot in the gallery for easy access.

The exclusive feature saves time and ensures all precious moments are captured with little efforts. My Filters feature allows you to create and save up to 99 customized filters which can be used in real-time to give an artistic look to your photos.

Additionally, the Galaxy M51 records 4k high-resolution shake-free videos, 64MP high-resolution shots with impeccable details, 12MP ultra-wide-angle images with best-in-class field-of-view, and crisp 5MP macro shots. For selfies, the Galaxy M51 boasts a 32MP front-facing camera that ensures vibrant selfies every time you press the shutter button. The Galaxy M51 also excels in night-time photography, thanks to the high-resolution 64MP primary sensor that allows for abundant light intake to create well-lit shots with no visible noise. Moreover, the camera software allows you to capture Night hyperlapse videos, something no other smartphone can manage to pull off effectively.

In all, the Galaxy M51’s multipurpose camera hardware delivers best-in-class results in the sub-30K price segment.

Reliable Performance- Snapdragon 730G SoC + 6GB/8GB RAM

The Snapdragon 730 SoC is the driving engine behind the consistent performance on the Galaxy M51. Fabricated on the 8nm process, the Qualcomm-made chipset has eight effective cores to deliver a lag-free computing and processing performance. The 8-core SoC is aided by ample RAM (6GB/8GB) to ensure smooth processing and multitasking performance even while running the most power-intensive tasks such as photo/video editing, 3D multi-player games, document editing, simultaneous running of multiple apps, etc. While you might easily get the same hardware on other similarly-priced smartphones, you will not experience the same level of performance graph as the competition lacks the intelligent hardware-software optimization achieved by Samsung at this price-point.

The Galaxy M51 also comes across as a powerful gaming device, thanks to the Adreno 618 graphics unit aided by onboard AI to effectively render 3D graphics on the vibrant Super AMOLED panel. You are bound to experience console-level graphics while playing the most popular game titles such as Call Of Duty Mobile, Injustice 2, Asphalt 9, etc. In short, the Galaxy M51 is a true all-rounder that’s always available when you need it in your daily routine.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Price And Availability

The Galaxy M51 has managed to supersede our expectations. The all-round performance is further complemented by the best-in-market after-sales service which ensures a long-lasting smartphone experience that other brands fail to offer in the Indian market. Samsung’s nation-wide network of service centers is always there to solve your queries and to offer the effective support you expect from a smartphone brand.

You can buy the Galaxy M51 in two variants- 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM at Rs. 24,999, and 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM at Rs. 26,999 on Samsung India official website and If you are using HDFC credit and debit cards, you are also eligible for up to Rs. 2,000 instant cashback on both EMI and Non-EMI transactions on the purchase of the Galaxy M51. The introductory offer is valid from 18th to 20th Sept 2020 on

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