Shia Labeouf is no stranger to the headlines— the former Disney Channel child star has long been known to capture the media’s attention with his eccentric, usually harmless behavior. However, it has been revealed that the Honey Boy actor has allegedly been charged with battery and petty theft after an argument-gone-wrong with another man in June in Los Angeles.

While it remains unclear what prompted the dispute, which eventually turned physical, Labeouf is said to have dashed off with the other man’s hat– hence prompting the petty theft charge. Labeouf was charged in early September, marking the first time in awhile since the 34-year-old actor’s last run-in with the law. After being arrested in 2017 for public drunkenness, Labeouf took the incident as a wake-up call and has since been committed to sobriety and confronting his past trauma, which he has admitted have been at the root of his episodes of his sometimes-strange behavior. 

Prior to this incident, things had been looking up for Labeouf, who has charmed his fanbase with his endearing personality and honest humor. Hopefully, this incident won’t be too much of a setback moving forward in the actor’s ongoing effort to get his life on track.