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New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 19, 2020 – Engaging in creating social media posts such as story features, covers, photo memes, and more, but no idea where and how to start? Worry no more because with the advancement of technology today, lots of existing softwares and […]

New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 19, 2020 – Engaging in creating social media posts such as story features, covers, photo memes, and more, but no idea where and how to start? Worry no more because with the advancement of technology today, lots of existing softwares and media editing sites already offer such services to help people with those kinds of work. But here’s a new, upcoming software and training program that promises to teach a lot more about social media posts creation. If you’re interested in learning the ropes and the advanced skills of social media posting, this is your chance!

Introducing SocialCode…

SocialCode is a software and training program, set to assist its users with social media posts creations whether for their personal use or for business purposes. This is especially helpful to those working in the social marketing industry. It teaches the user on how to gain views or traffic to their posts and eventually gain income from it.

This is a software product creatively designed and founded by Dan Bradley and Simon Greenhalgh that is set to be launched on September 20, 2020 at 11:00 EDT and is offered with a very affordable front-end price of only $37. SocialCode will definitely be worth the bucks as it offers not just a software where users can create and easily design social media posts, but it also provides a training program on how to acquire traffic and eventually earn from those works.

What SocialCode Offers

SocialCode is a live builder of stories, covers, and posts that are published in social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more. It is incorporated with hundreds of ready to use templates to allow easier and fast creations of content posts. It is also a very friendly platform as it simply works with a drag and drop function. This is why even users with no technical and artsy skills can still create creative and captivating posts. Lastly, SocialCode has a specific section of training programs built into the software wherein users can study and learn about social marketing and improve their skills when it comes to social media posts creation.

SocialCode Highlights and Features

Social Media Covers Creation

SocialCode comes with 37 social cover templates together with a handful of astonishing background designs to make social media accounts or business alluring to the viewers’ eyes. Cover pages are important to be made captivating as this is first seen by other people when they visit the user’s account or page. This usually makes the first impression of the visitor as it gives an insight of what the page is about.

Social Story and Social Post Creation

SocialCode offers up to 26 story templates and 50 social post templates available for use. It comes with a plentiful amount of customizable backgrounds, texts, images, and icons ready to be utilized to help make the perfect story and post to be shared on social media sites.

Meme Creation

SocialCode doesn’t just teach how to create professional posts but to also enjoy creating memes. With its meme creation feature, users can use more than 50 of the most viral meme images, and can also upload their own meme images and edit them to heart’s content. This provides an ample amount of time to rest with serious and formal posts and advertisements because memes surely spread laughter to viewers when a good one.

Lots of Customization Tools

Even though ready to use templates are available in the dashboard, SocialCode still allows its user full control in designing their works. To help them with the modifications they want to make, hundreds of custom tools are provided varying from changing backgrounds, inserting texts and images, changing font sizes, styles, and colors, inserting elements and icons, and a whole lot more to ensure that users attain the kind of design they envision.

Full Marketing Training

SocialCode offers training on how to get views, followers, and of course customers for the user’s social media account, page, and businesses. It also promises to teach its users on how to create a decent amount of traffic from popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Turn Traffic into Income

Part of this training process, SocialCode teaches users how to obtain valuable information from viral trends and to use it in creating traffic that will ultimately lead to income. This gives the opportunity to monetize social content creations even when the user is just a beginner.

User Friendly, Hassle-Free and Efficient Platform

SocialCode software is very easy to use as it is set up with a simple dashboard that can easily be learned on how to use it in no time. It also has a demo video that can readily be viewed to orient users with the platform so they can efficiently use SocialCode and maximize its tools immediately. Editing content creations are effortless as it is automated in almost everything and works with just a drag and drop function. Training sessions are made simple and creative in a video that will surely entertain the users while they are learning. The training is created to be direct to the point so users only have to give an ample amount of their time to be trained.

SocialCode Review: In Summary

SocialCode is definitely an excellent software with lots of upgrades that provides assistance to both social media management and marketing. It offers artistic options for those who want to make graphical social media posts for their social accounts and gives effective training programs for those who want to enter the social marketing industry. The interface is a newbie friendly and also slick in keeping the sense of professionalism intact.

Check out more details about SocialCode here.

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