The Best Keyboards for 2020

If you ever use a desktop computer or even a laptop or tablet, a keyboard is a necessity. While many computers come with keyboards, they may not be comfortable or have the features you need. Whether you need a gaming keyboard, a mechanical keyboard, or a wireless keyboard, our complete […]

If you ever use a desktop computer or even a laptop or tablet, a keyboard is a necessity. While many computers come with keyboards, they may not be comfortable or have the features you need.

Whether you need a gaming keyboard, a mechanical keyboard, or a wireless keyboard, our complete list of the best keyboards has an ideal choice for everyone. Our recommended choice is the Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 since it has all the features one would want. Keep reading to find the keyboard that’s best suited for your needs.

The best keyboards at a glance

The best keyboard overall: Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2

Why you should buy it: Everything this keyboard does, it does amazingly well.

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants the best keyboard for a wide variety of tasks from gaming to everyday work.

What we thought of the Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2:

The best keyboard should have a sturdy design, mechanical keys for the feel and response, customizable options, great media controls, and RGB lighting. This second-generation Corsair Strafe keyboard has all that, and more.

The mechanical keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX switches that include gold contacts for maximum precision and can be replaced if any are damaged. There are multiple customization options for buttons and RGB lighting, with 8MB of onboard storage for holding data on several different profiles if you want to switch between different setups for different games.

There are also multimedia and volume controls on the top for instant adjustments, and a handy USB pass-through port that allows you to attach a mouse or a headset directly to your keyboard. It even comes with a comfortable wrist rest for long sessions of typing or gaming. The Corsair Strafe 2 has all the features we like to see in a keyboard, each with top-notch quality and excellent usability.

The best gaming keyboard: Logitech G Pro X

Why you should buy it: Its swappable switches mean it could last forever, though it’s already a great gaming keyboard.

Who’s it for: Frequent LAN gamers and any other gamer looking for an excellent and comfortable experience.

What we thought of the Logitech G Pro X:

Logitech’s G Pro X is a fantastic, compact gaming keyboard that ditches the number pad for a more dense, portable design. Not only does it sport a more restrained form, but it also has a unique feature in the way you can swap out the mechanical switches if they die (or you just don’t like them). Compatible with both Logitech’s own GX switches and Cherry’s MX range, you can effectively equip this board with whatever you want. Just swap in the switches when you want them using the handy picker tool.

The Logitech G Pro X is also packed with top-tier gaming features, including fully customizable RGB lighting, solid media controls, and a swappable cable that removes one more potential point of failure and makes it more portable. We loved how durable this keyboard was and could be, and we think it’s one of the best we’ve used in some time. If you don’t care about swapping switches, though, the new, standard G Pro is much the same, but without that one feature — and it’s $30 cheaper.

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The best mechanical keyboard: Das Keyboard Prime 13

Why you should buy it: Great for typing and gaming, the Das Keyboard Prime 13 ditches gamer aesthetic for a sold experience.

Who’s it for: Anyone who enjoys the benefits of a mechanical keyboard.

What we thought of the Das Keyboard Prime 13:

Das Keyboard might not be a name you’re familiar with, but it should be on any prospective keyboard buyer’s radar. It produces fantastic keyboards that ditch most of the unnecessary and gamer-ish features currently plaguing modern-day mechanical keyboards.

Designed with a minimalist look and feel, the Prime 13 may seem a little too uniform — it’s surprisingly understated. But that could be just what you’re looking for if you don’t feel the need to pay through the nose for extraneous plastic or RGB lighting. We love the Prime 13’s simple, white backlighting — especially the side-mounted media key indicators and its crisp, clean lines that help it fit in well in a home or work office environment.

The Das Keyboard Prime 13 also features a USB pass-through port, fantastic keycaps, and Cherry MX Brown switches — one of our personal favorites — that are fast and quiet, so you won’t annoy your house or workmates. Overall, it’s a pure, clean keyboard with a great feature set at a decent price.

The best wireless keyboard: Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Why you should buy it: It’s a wireless keyboard that doesn’t sacrifice feel or performance.

Who’s it for: Those who want the versatility of a wireless keyboard, but need to be sure they still get all the top-tier features they want.

What we thought of Logitech G915 Lightspeed:

Wireless keyboards are natural companions to more flexible computing arrangements and more casual positions — but people sometimes worry about performance issues or lack of quality when going wireless. No need to worry with the G915. It’s a wireless keyboard created to provide high-performance results with low-profile mechanical keys that deliver a 1ms report rate.

We especially like the slimmed-down design of this Logitech keyboard, which makes it easier to find the right position or even hold it in your lap. There’s also unobtrusive RGB lighting that can be customized per key as desired or even synced to music and games. The battery takes around three hours to charge and can deliver up to 30 hours of gaming before needing a power connection. There are also five G Keys that you can customize with macros of your own for often-needed tasks, plus a volume roller and dedicated media controls.

Device connections work via either USB or Bluetooth, and you can always plug in the Logitech G915  if desired. But when a wireless keyboard works this well without cables, there’s really no reason to worry about it until it’s time to charge up.

The best iPad keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Andy Boxall/

Why you should buy it: It’s easily the best option if you want to use your iPad Pro more like a laptop at times.

Who’s it for: Serious users who want the best keyboard and trackpad options to transform the iPad into a serviceable laptop alternative.

What we thought of the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro:

Apple has an array of Magic Keyboards for various Mac and iOS devices. They are all durable, flat keyboards with quick responses and a general Apple aesthetic. But when it came to the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, Apple understands that people expect a bit more.

This iPad keyboard is made to both magnetically connect to and prop up iPad Pro models for serious, long-term work. The keys are full size, backlit, and use a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel time. That magnetic attachment can also charge the iPad Pro via a USB-C connection on the keyboard, which leaves the USB-C port on the iPad open for other attachments (something many professional users desperately need).

But, as you can see, the keyboard also includes a trackpad, which may seem like a strange addition for a keyboard designed specifically for the iPad. The key is in updates Apple made to iPadOS around the same time, which creates a cursor option on the iPad that doesn’t act quite like a typical mouse cursor, but rather a little bubble. It’s ideal for more precise actions, like copying and pasting.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is also flat — very flat — which may take a little getting used to if you’ve never used a Magic Keyboard often. However, the flat shape does make it easier to quickly stow away with your iPad when on the move and slide back out when setting up. All in all, iPad Pro users couldn’t ask for a better companion.

The best Android keyboard: Logitech MX Keys

Why you should buy it: The smooth, concave keys are perfect for speedy Android work.

Who’s it for: People who need to do serious business or communication on their Android device.

What we thought of the Logitech MX Keys:

Logitech’s MX Keys is a wireless keyboard that pairs with up to three devices at once, much like our favorite wireless keyboards. It sports keycaps that offer both Windows and MacOS indicators, which are complemented by six levels of uniform backlighting throughout the board.

Adding to the backlighting is a magnetic field that detects your hands as they move across the keyboard, making it easy to use in the dark. You also can share files across any paired computer thanks to Logitech Options software. This keyboard is deceptively sturdy, too.

At $100, the Logitech MX Keys is not a cheap office keyboard. However, if you want something truly special that’s fully Android compatible, there’s nothing quite like it.

The best ergonomic keyboard: Logitech Ergo K860

John Velasco/Digital Trends

Why you should buy it: It offers comfortable, protective features for your fingers and wrists, no matter what position you’re in.

Who’s it for: Anyone wary of fatigue or wrist problems after long sessions of work.

What we thought of the Logitech Ergo K860:

Ergonomic keyboards can come in a bewildering number of shapes and sizes, but Logitech hit gold with this Ergo model, which provides important wrist support without being intimidating to use. The angled key sections, plus the cushioned rest, helps keep carpal tunnel at bay, while the sloped design and scooped keys ensure your fingers won’t easily get tired even during long sessions of work.

The slope and rest are also adjustable to three different levels, so you can change them to find which works best (for sitting versus standing, for example). But the Logitech Ergo keyboard isn’t just comfortable — it also has several features ideal for professionals, including FN keys that can be customized with macros and a full number pad. It can also go wireless up to more than 30 feet. Oh, and it’s fully compatible with Windows or MacOS. Pair it with a Logitech ergonomic mouse for the best results!

The best Mac keyboard: Vinpok Taptek

Vinpok Taptek Keyboard Impressions
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Why you should buy it: It’s the best keyboard experience you can find for Macs.

Who’s it for: Any Mac user who wants to upgrade their experience or would prefer a mechanical keyboard.

What we thought of the Vinpok Taptek:

The Magic Keyboard included with Macs is fine, but it’s not perfect. This Vinpok keyboard is on a whole other level. It’s a mechanical keyboard with the Mac layout and high-quality keys in a slim design. The replaceable keys look and feel great, making this keyboard durable and, dare we say, fun to use. There are also 19 various RGB backlighting options to pick from.

At 16mm thin, it’s also slim enough to fit into a bag if you want to carry it around and use it on other Apple devices you may have. The Taptek can support pairing with up to three devices at once, so it has the potential to be very versatile. It also has both a wired and wireless mode, depending on how you’d prefer to use it.

The biggest downside is that the Vinpok Taptek keyboard doesn’t have a numeric key section. Neither does the traditional Magic Keyboard, but it’s still something to consider if you need a full key set. Otherwise, it’s a remarkable keyboard that offers Mac users more than they can find anywhere else.

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