Walton Home Appliance & Electronics products can make your life convenient

Bangladesh, Sept. 28 — If you are planning to buy a TV, refrigerator, fan, laptop, Smartphone, or any other home appliance product under a reasonable price range, don’t miss Walton! This local multi-national company is based in Kaliakair under Gazipur in Bangladesh. Walton has gained a reputation within the country […]

Bangladesh, Sept. 28 — If you are planning to buy a TV, refrigerator, fan, laptop, Smartphone, or any other home appliance product under a reasonable price range, don’t miss Walton! This local multi-national company is based in Kaliakair under Gazipur in Bangladesh. Walton has gained a reputation within the country and abroad for producing standard electronics and home appliance products. Walton is offering lucrative exchange deals in some categories of products to make them more affordable for people of all economic statuses. Read this article to know about Walton Home Appliance and Electronic products that can make your life much more comfortable.

Walton Home Appliance and Electronics Products

Walton Home Appliance

The advancement of technology is making our life easier by inventing handy tools and gadgets. In this wake, Walton is producing multifarious home appliance gadgets under affordable price ranges.

Are you worried about managing time in kitchen chores? You can carry out food processing and preparation in less time using Walton kitchen items like an air fryer, blender, juicer, coffee maker, gas stove, induction/infrared/hot plate cooker, electric kettle, kitchen cookware, kitchen hood, lunch box, microwave oven, electric oven, mixer, bitter, pressure cooker, rice cooker, roti maker, toaster, cake/sandwich maker, multi cooker, water heater, water purifier/dispenser, etc.

To save our time and energy from hard work in daily chores, Walton has produced a bunch of practical gadgets like cloth dryer, dish dryer, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, vacuum flask, sewing machine, etc. On the other hand, some Walton products such as air purifier, air cooler, hairdryer/straightener, iron, rechargeable lamp and torch, room heater, trimmer/shaver/hair clipper, voltage stabilizer, IPS, weight machine, etc are designed to improve our lifestyle.

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Walton Television

In today’s world television is a widely used home appliance for entertainment as well as communication. Walton has a huge collection of LED TVs starting from BDT 8900. Currently, Walton is promoting an exchange offer that allows you to buy a brand new Walton TV with some discounts in exchange for your old, used, or dysfunctional television. The Walton TV store is enriched with diverse categories of TVs including Led TV, Smart TV, Voice Control Smart TV, 4K resolution TV, etc.

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Go through the following link to check out Walton TVs: https://waltonbd.com/all-tv

Walton Air Conditioner

In the hot summer days, an air conditioner can soothe your soul and help you to continue regular tasks more conveniently. Thanks to Walton for producing diverse categories of air conditioners. Walton Split AC or Twinfold Inverted AC can guide the air in four directions of a room with saving electricity up to 60% by virtue of horizontal and vertical swing technology. This AC can be controlled by a remote or Smartphone.

For commercial use, Walton offers Cassette/Ceiling AC featuring a condenser and evaporator made of copper tube and anti-corrosive golden fin. What is more? The Walton Industrial HVAC solutions are blessed with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and chiller technology which contribute to cooling/heating the medium to large-sized industrial buildings or zones.

Click on the following link to purchase Walton Air Conditioner https://waltonbd.com/air-conditioner

Walton Freezer and Refrigerator

In our hectic life, freezer and refrigerator are needed not only for preserving the food but also for maintaining its quality. Walton freezer, deep freezer, and direct cool refrigerators are equipped with 100% copper condensers as well as Nano healthcare technology.

Designed with versatile design and color variations, Walton freezer and refrigerators promise the long-lasting food preservation facilities. The price range of the freezer starts from as low as BDT 10,990.

Visit the following links to get Walton Freezers https://waltonbd.com/freezer and Walton Refrigerators https://waltonbd.com/direct-cool-refrigerator

Walton Ceiling Fans

For those who can’t afford or like air conditioners, Walton has brought standard quality ceiling fans. During the scorching heat of summer, a ceiling fan can save you from heatstroke. The price of Walton ceiling fans without regulator ranges between BDT 2540 to 2940.

Complying with the decoration of your room, you can pick a Walton ceiling fan from the diverse color and design options. You can buy the Walton built ceiling fan regulator or remote control separately under the price range of BDT 150 to 600.

Navigate to the following link to get a Walton Ceiling Fan https://waltonbd.com/ceiling-fan

Walton Smartphone

Many consumers complain that international brands ask comparatively higher prices for phones due to tax issues. However, you can save money by buying a locally produced Smartphone. Thanks to Walton for producing reliable phones with reasonable price tags. Walton has earned trust in the Smartphone industry of Bangladesh through its top-notch phones.

Walton phones are available with diverse sizes, features, colors, and specs. Starting from the minimum price range of BDT 2930, Walton phones appear highly affordable in Bangladesh. You can choose a basic to advance level Walton Smartphone according to your budget.

Clicking on the following link you can find your desired Walton Phone: https://waltonbd.com/smart-phone

Walton Laptop

Do you need a laptop for educational, professional, or entertainment purposes? Walton is producing top quality laptops that can compete with the expensive products of international brands. However, if the dream of getting a new laptop is hindered by your economic depression due to the ongoing pandemic situation, grab the Walton exchange offer! If you own an old or used desktop computer or laptop in your home which is merely functional, exchange it to buy a new Walton Laptop with discounts.

Visit the subsequent link to buy Walton Laptop https://waltonbd.com/laptop

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